TDK has always been about bringing new value to the world and enriching people’s lives, right from its founding in 1935 when it commercialized “ferrite,” a magnetic material invented in Japan. Ever since that time, TDK’s motto has been to develop electronic materials from scratch, starting with raw materials. These proprietary materials, and the material technologies developed from ferrite, have enabled TDK to offer the world unique electronic components. TDK’s main products are what are known as passive components which are the basic components used in all kinds of electric and electronic devices. These include ferrite cores, coils, transformers, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, RF components and sensors, to name but a few. This accumulated knowledge, and the technology and know-how born from it have enabled TDK to develop and manufacture magnetic heads, magnets, power supplies, batteries and the like. Nowadays, smartphones are equipped with functionality that equals that of personal computers. There are also tablet PCs that are used in a myriad different ways. Hybrid cars and electric cars are growing in popularity. TDK has met customer needs for miniaturization, thinner products and greater functionality in these high-growth fields with its range of products. The coming years will see growth in next-generation information and communications as well as in energy related markets, specifically in areas such as “Cloud Computing” and “Smart Grids.” In the age of “Big Data” where tremendous amounts of information are exchanged and a “Low Carbon Society” where the goal is to reduce environmental impact, TDK will be there to create the leading edge products that will be needed. TDK has roughly 130 factories, laboratories and sales offices in more than 30 countries and regions in the world. The company’s overseas production ratio, as well as its overseas sales ratio, exceeds 80%. TDK’s mission is to develop and provide unique and competitive products quickly by taking advantage of its global network of human resources, engineering and production. TDK believes this to be the key to achieving sustainable growth. TDK is committed to being a truly excellent global company. We will continue to take up the challenge of creating electronic components that combine great originality and high value, and so make a tangible contribution to society.